Ken and David Widner, nephews to Alfred, Clarence, and John Anglin, have commissioned the creation of this website in hopes of completing their family’s  long tireless journey for answers into the multitude of mysterious and bizarre circumstances not only surrounding Clarence and John’s miraculous departure from Alcatraz Island and their lives after the infamous escape, but the coincidental death of Alfred in state custody at Kilby Prison Alabama as well.

This website will provide the most concise and comprehensive information available on the three notorious brothers and offer commentary from Ken and David as a backdrop into the lives of these three precocious and ingenious men before they were immortalized into the psyche of the collective consciousness of us all.

The underlying goal of this interactive compendium is to complete the circle of truth with the solicitation of your help.  If you have information, insight, theories, contacts, or just words of encouragement that can help solve the mysteries that are posited in these pages, the family welcomes you.  Several contact points are available through this site and all information will be kept strictly confidential.

 This family has embarked on a quest for truth so that they may find peace in this incomprehensible tale of sadness and separation. With your assistance, we’re confident that this story has a definitive resolution for all involved.

With our sincerest gratitude, let us begin…

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