letter Transcript:

May, 5-52

Dear Mom,
Just a few lines to say hello. And to let you all know how I am. I am getting along pretty good and I hope this will find you all the same. I guess you all feel pretty bad about me leaving don’t you. Well I took all I could hoping you all would get me away from this place before I had to myself. You all should have known that they would try to do all they could to me…

letter Transcript:

…that I don’t want because the only thing I could do was to leave. They wouldn’t even let me have no mail. The only letter I got was one from you and from Verna the whole time I was back about three weeks. Moma I am going to try and make it. I am with a boy that left with me up here in Mich. I am staying with him right now Moma I don’t want you all to write me, but I am going to write you all every time I can. I am sending some…

letter Transcript:

…after running from that same camp and going right back there. They put me in the sweat box and shot tear gas on me after they got me back and put chains on me. Trying to make me say I killed a dog; but they never found out.
I tried to write you all to go to Tallahassee but they put me in the sweat box every time I wrote. So if you all blame me for leaving well I can’t help it. It was to either to leave or get smoked.